Final Exams for Grade 6-12 students are scheduled from Tuesday, January 24th to Friday, January 27th.  

Make sure to be prepared, be on-time and do your best!

You CAN Do It!

*****************************************HOT MEAL*******************************************

All Hotmeal forms and money are due back to school TODAY, Friday, January 20th!  

The Hotmeal (Pizza) will be served on February 1st.

2016-2017 Student Representative Council

Congratulations to our 2016-2017 S.R.C. Members!

President: Janel Bonneau

Vice President: Ashley Fee

Treasurer: Renee Pouliot

Grade 6/7 Room Rep: Rachel Halko

Grade 8/9 Room Rep: Logan Bill

Grade 10 Room Rep: Montana Gardiner

Grade 11 Room Rep: Justin Tipewan

Grade 12 Room Rep: Janel Bonneau

Members at large: Javon Benson, Dawson Gardiner, Melissa Laventure, Mallie Poulin-Vandale, Levi Poirier, Jaycie Pouliot, Denay Chalifour, Delaney Lehouillier, Danika Poirier & Serena Sawatsky.

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